KouremenosAn earthly heaven on the Cretan lap

Tucked cosily on the eastern coast of the hypnotising Crete island, Kouremenos Bay is home to idyllic landscapes and a fantastic sugary shore that invites to relaxing and fun moments by the crystalline, azure sea. Perhaps the dreamiest spot across Crete, it has managed to remain unspoilt and away from mass tourism, which gives the overall area an even more authentic feel for those longing for holidays the genuine Greek island way.

Besides its natural allure, though, Kouremenos is also an exceptional deal for being within reach from the most popular Cretan locations, such as Sitia and the charming, scenic village of Palekastro Crete, which dazzles with its tranquil ambiance, friendly locals, and the simple lifestyle – a superb getaway for couples and families alike.

The picturesque seaside setting

Sitting between two of the most stunning Cretan capes, Cape Plaka and Cape Tenta, Kouremenos beach is the longest stretch of sand in the area, spanning over 1.5km and welcoming sun worshippers and water sports enthusiasts with shallow turquoise waters, a sandy beach and lots of natural shade thanks to the tamarisk trees that envelop the shore.

What is even more appealing about this captivating spot on the Cretan coastline is that it features both organised and more private sections so you can enjoy precisely the type of beach-related adventure you desire. In the first case, expect a lively alternative, with beach bars, showers, sunbeds, and umbrellas (yet, nothing too loud to disturb the peacefulness exuded from the Kouremenos shore), while the latter offers more laid-back experiences and moments where the only sounds would be those of the waves gently clashing to the shore, the sea breeze caressing your face, and your heart beating to the rhythm of this soul-gratifying Greek island.

The Water Sports Mecca

Kouremenos is beloved for yet another reason – its northern winds that blow steadily almost year-round (between 4-7 Beaufort), making it the most ideal place for windsurfing and kitesurfing ventures (sail size between 4,5m – 5.3m). No wonder that the Kouremenos region is home to some of the largest wind turbine parks in Greece. Not to mention that the 2009 European Windsurfing Games were held right here!

A Kouremenos windsurfing endeavour starts from the windsurfing school that operates on the beach, where you can rent the needed equipment. Then, feel free to explore the archipelago that starts flat near the coast (perfect for rookies, professional freestyle, and planning) and expands with small waves further out that enable more advanced surfers to practice or sharpen their wave-riding skills.

As for beginners wanting a beach start, the sandy shore and shallow waters lay the table for just that! And, if you are an expert surfer seeking a quieter spot to enjoy your favourite pastime, the northern end of the shore (Cape Tenta) is the place you probably need to be. Just take into account that the beach there is rather rocky and that you can only achieve a sea entrance from a cement dock.

Besides wind-related water sports, though, the Kouremenos shore hosts a captivating submarine cosmos with a particularly rich sea-floor that makes it utterly fitting for scuba diving and diving explorations.

Dream-Fulfilling Holidays

The beach is lined with tavernas serving delicious fresh seafood dishes, while also providing excellent accommodation options, including sea-facing Kouremenos Apartments of Olive Coast Suites, which contribute to granting guests’ wish for dreamy holidays with the most authentic tastes, flavours, and aromas, combined with the tranquil surroundings of the area and the bewildering natural scenery wrapping around this blessed Cretan piece of land.