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Hospitality and Culture during your holidays in Crete and the magnificent setting of Olive Coast Suites.

Olive Coast Suites and Apartments in Kouremenos Palekastro Crete combines only the finest, offering its guests moments of comfort and elegance.

Imagine enjoying a game of chess or backgammon surrounded by the natural Cretan setting as a backdrop, the Greek aura and the elegant surroundings of Olive Coast Suites and Apartments. It really is a magnificent spot for your holidays in Palekastro Crete Greece.

Let your imagination run wild as you step foot on this legendary island. Most people visit the island for the natural surroundings, its history, great food and the renowned hospitality of its people. Cretan hospitality goes back to ancient Greek mythology and the god Zeus of Crete (Xenios). Zeus of Crete was the protector of visitors, who generously offered his hospitality to every stranger who wished to honour this sacred land.

Besides hospitality, two other principles dominate in the soul of each Cretan; virtue and honour, while in the hierarchy of ethical values the highest position is held by friendship, second only to family. Cretan soul often reaches the point of exaggeration in their valour and passion for freedom, their courage, strength, love for country and nature even in their hospitality towards strangers.

Crete has one of the oldest and most beloved gastronomic traditions in the world. Flavours, aromas and ingredients originating in the prehistoric years have blended with skills acquired through decades of practice to present us today with what is found to be one of the healthiest diets worldwide.

For Cretans, the secret of longevity is very simple. We eat anything that our rich soil produces! We consume a lot of fruit, vegetables, greens, fresh produce, legumes, cheese, bread and fish. Cretans use herbs to add flavour; we make sweets and cakes with honey and grape-juice syrup; while local wine is an indispensable accompaniment to every meal.

Meat has always had a ritual quality in Crete, and generally in Greece. In antiquity, Cretans consumed meat only a few times a year, i.e. during festivities or, if wealthy enough, every Sunday.

The dietary code of Cretans has deep cultural and historical roots and has been preserved through the centuries, so while in Crete do not miss out on trying the traditional Cretan cuisine.