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(Kouremenos Beach - Crete Windsurfing Spots)

Kouremenos, located 1.5km from Palekastro / Agathias, is the most popular windsurfing beach in Crete and one of the most visited in Greece. You will find everything your windsurfer’s heart could possibly desire here. This area stands for strong winds, mostly in northerly directions and side-shore.

Meltemi blasts in from the north between the hills and is accelerated by the thermal effect of the hot summer which increases it by 2 Beaufort. Kouremenos beach near Palekastro has the positioning where Meltemi is at its most reliable and strongest.

The water is warm, about 24 degrees Celsius between June - August and outside temperature ranges from 30-35 degrees Celsius. Water is usually flat, however, you can sail further out to the open sea for bigger waves.

There are two windsurfing stations on the beach offering lessons and renting outboards and sails. Many trees provide shade during the day for those wanting to take some rest or a nap on the beach.

There are several other windsurf spots near Kouremenos / Palekastro (Palaikastro) that you can try. 'Tenta beach' is the most popular for Freestyle windsurfing because it is exposed to the North winds. 'Tenta' provides both a flat and a wavy area. 'Faneromeni' is a more extreme spot and only appeals to the most advanced windsurfers. 'Faneromeni' has world-class waves.

Chiona Beach

Chiona, a “Blue Flagged” beach, is a pleasant 10-minute walk from OLIVE COAST SUITES. It is a tranquil sandy beach with shallow blue waters, ideal for families with young children. Some tamarisk trees along the coast offer shade. Chiona beach is famous for its’ fish taverns. East of the main beach, there are several smaller coves, preferred by loners and nudists.

Kouremenos Beach

Kouremenos Beach, under a 5-minute drive from OLIVE COAST SUITES, is another “Blue Flagged” beach, famous to windsurfers who enjoy the very strong prevailing winds of the area. Two stations avail boards and sails for hire and a beach bar offers food, drinks and plans events, such as beach parties, occasionally.

The beach has fine sand, several tamarisk trees around and clear blue waters with its main feature being the strong and certain wind which makes the area popular to windsurfers and kite surfers across Europe. Kouremenos bay offers perfect conditions for all levels of ability either near the shore or further out in the bay.

The wind blows side shore and during summer months, the average wind force is 6 Beaufort. Also, you can walk on the west, to the top of Kastri hill, where you may visit the ruins of an old fort and enjoy the views towards the big blue.


Vai, the most famous beach in eastern Crete, is located just a short drive from OLIVE COAST SUITES. The palm grove is 2,000 years old and is the largest in Europe with approximately 5,000 trees. It is proclaimed as a conservation area and is open to the public during the day time only.

Vai beach is organized with showers, umbrellas, canteens, water sports and a tavern. For people who want to isolate themselves, there is a lovely sandy beach just 5 minutes north of Vai, while in the south, another option is the sandy beach of Psili Ammos.


Itanos is located just north of the famous Vai beach (Vai palm beach). It takes its name after the ancient city next to which lay the three consecutive bays of Itanos/Erimoupolis.

Part of the ancient town is underwater, thus, a unique experience is snorkelling around the ruins! The most beautiful cove of the three is well hidden behind the hill north of the parking area. It is the longest and has beautiful turquoise waters.


Xerokampos is one of the most remote areas of the island, 40 minutes drive from Palekastro (Palaikastro). The landscape is dry and truly eerie, characterised by bare rocks and steep mountains. In the village, you will find mini markets and taverns.

Xerokampos wild mountains are in direct contrast to the calm sea and the beautiful beaches. In this area, you will actually find several types of beaches, with rocks, small pebbles, golden sand, white sand and a beach with clay for natural spa lovers!


The beautiful gorge of Richtis starts just outside the village of Exo Mouliana and ends at Richtis beach. The route is approximately 4 kilometres and the elevation difference between the starting point and the beach is about 350 meters. Hiking in the gorge takes 3 to 4 hours.

The route starts from Lachanas (a stone-arched bridge) and then continues in a lush landscape. Aromas of plane trees, oleander and sage change constantly.

The route’s highlight is the beautiful 20meter plus waterfall which forms a natural pond. The waterfall runs even in summer! Impressive also – evidence of the past – are the old water mills along the route. The path ends at Richtis pebble beach which features tamarisk trees, stone-built seats and tables as well as a stone-built water fountain.


The Gorge of Chochlakies or Karoumes is located near Kato Zakros. The walk through the gorge takes about two hours.

Easy hiking in the snakelike canyon with the sparse vegetation and the bare rocks, ends in the lonely but beautiful beach of Karoumes, where trees provide shade.


The beautiful Gorge of Kato Zakros (or Gorge of the Dead) starts close to Ano Zakros and ends at Kato Zakros. The beauty of the landscape, the historical importance of the gorge and its accessibility, attract many visitors each year. It is an exceptionally beautiful landscape. Its high walls contain big caves where tombs of the Minoan era (of great archaeological importance) have been found.

The gorge is called “Gorge of the Dead” because of these tombs. After about two hours of hiking, you will reach Kato Zakros, where you can enjoy the beautiful beach and taverns. You can also visit the Minoan Palace of Zakros whilst here. For your return back to Ano Zakros you can get the bus.